Implemented Dynamics ® AX at two overseas production sites

Dynamics AX for business process standardization and data integration

Background and aims of introduction

When rebuilding the system for two production sites overseas, the aged system built from scratch then in use posed concerns about upgrades and data volume it could handle. Improvement of data integrity and standardization of operations with a packaged system was also necessary.

In addition, the traceability measures specific to the medical industry and the validation measures associated with system changes were essential.


Rebuilt production management system with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The implementation of AX involved data input among processes, work process review, incorporation of works previously done manually, MES-to-AX data linkage where necessary, addition of traceability features. After implementation at the main plant, horizontal deployment to the second plant was achieved with minimal customization. With the introduction of AX, the optimization of maintenance personnel allocation between the two overseas sites was realized, and we are now able to take timely and clear actions not only for validation upon implementation, but also for post-go-live modifications.

< Business scope > Purchasing management, inventory management, production management

Introduction effect

  • Visualization of business and system processes as a result of rebuilding the system

  • Systematization of traceability

  • Improvement in data integrity by introducing Dynamics AX (ERP)

  • Data integration and higher work efficiency delivered by the shared server for the two sites

  • Optimized allocation of maintenance personnel enabled by the package