HOYA Vision Care Company

Implemented Dynamics ® AX at 11 sites in 8 countries

Reduced deployment costs by building global templates

Background and aims of introduction

In consideration of the introduction of the next SCM system, it was decided to adopt Microsoft Dynamics AX from the viewpoint of global support, TCO reduction, and product reliability.

In addition, since there are a large number of locations around the world, it was necessary to reduce the implementation cost by building common functions that can be used at each location, rather than developing systems that meet the requirements of each location.


Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the SCM system was rebuilt and integrated with the existing financial accounting system SAP.

During the implementation for the first site, global templates were created for common use across all sites globally, and were deployed together with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In addition, a single instance of the Dynamics AX server is shared among multiple neighboring countries. Currently, 4 instances are used at 11 locations in 8 countries.

< Business scope > Order management, accounts receivable management, billing / sales management, inventory management

Introduction effect

  • Acceleration of implementation by deploying global templates at each location
  • Reduction of TCO by using global templates common to multiple sites
  • Timely information sharing by managing multiple countries in a region with a single instance