Discrete manufacturing company A

Introduced Microsoft Dynamics ® AX assembly and processing production management template

―Production and sales management systems (simultaneous introduction in Japan and overseas)―

Background of introduction and direction of improvement

By adopting Microsoft Dynamics® AX, we delivered the reconstruction of the core system in time for the start-up of a new plant overseas in a short 7 months. The ERP package standards and our own template functions for the manufacturing industry were used as much as possible to restructure the operations.

Promotion of inventory optimization
In order to optimize the inventory, the inventory status is reflected in the system in real time to improve the speed and accuracy of understanding the situation.

Concerns over the mixture of multiple local systems and potential operating cost increase in case of a continuous usage
Integrate complicated local systems and rebuild them into a simple business system.

Difficulty in securing local system engineers
In order to secure engineers on a global basis, the market share and supply vendors of the new system to be adopted are considered.

Aging production and cost management systems
Review the production and cost management methods in conjunction with the introduction of the new system.

Key points of system implementation

  • Simple configuration to integrate complex systems
  • Align the business process with the ERP package and templates
  • Simultaneous implementation of the system in Japan and overseas locations in a short period of time

Effect of system introduction

  • Improved the speed and accuracy of inventory status monitoring, which is the basis for inventory optimization
  • Reduced operational load and cost by integrating complex systems
  • By implementing the system in a short period of time, its cost was well controlled and the additional cost for an extension contract of the old system was prevented.
  • By adopting Microsoft Dynamics® AX and reviewing the operations, an internal infrastructure that is agile, flexible, and globally responsive to today's business environment was realized.