Marukome Co., Ltd.

Boosted work style reform with Azure machine learning and IoT

Decided to deploy Azur and IoT as an advanced machine learning initiative

Marukome Co., Ltd. produces and sells miso and other traditional Japanese fermented foods. In the mechanized factory, the taste has been created through many years of research and development and technology while incorporating the sense and experience of craftsmen. In recent years, with the registration of Japanese food as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO and the amazake boom due to its apparent health and beauty benefits, the company's overseas sales had been expanding rapidly.
The production of miso is a delicate process that requires several months of maturation with the help of bacteria, and therefore requires precise management by skilled craftsmen.
In addition, the company faced many challenges in terms of work style, health and safety, such as onsite patrolling at night and on holidays.
In April 2017, with the support of the SME Agency's Monodukuri Subsidies, the Company decided to introduce Azure Machine Learning and IoT, and selected HOYA Digital Solutions, which is engaged in advanced machine learning initiatives for the process manufacturing industry to which the company belongs, as a partner.

Introduction purpose

  • Reduction and elimination of onsite patrols at night and on holidays, and emergency responses
  • Addressing the shortage of human resources by transforming individuals' manufacturing know-how into explicit knowledge
  • Stabilization of product quality


  • Status monitoring and prediction data acquisition by data linkage from plant control equipment (PLC) to Azure cloud environment
  • Manufacturing management with Azure machine learning

Result of the change

  • Elimination of night patrols and shifts
  • Reduction of emergency response during nights and holidays
  • Early response to manufacturing abnormalities
  • Stabilization of preparation quality
  • Remote continuous monitoring for visualization of manufacturing processes




【Building with a combination of PaaS function on cloud environment and AI function】




Marukome Co., Ltd.

Company Name: Marukome Co., Ltd.
Head Office: Nagano City, Nagano
Business: Manufacture and sale of miso for household and business use, instant miso soup and koji food