Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd.

Implemented Dynamics ® AX as standard ERP

HOYA Digital Solutions built Microsoft ERP Dynamics AX for Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd.

Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd. planned to rebuild its core system with an eye to future business development, and decided to use Microsoft Dynamics AX, which is already widely used in overseas offices, as its standard package.
In this implementation (restructuring), it was important to incorporate Microsoft Dynamics AX well with the existing and new external packages and tools used in the discrete manufacturing industry. (Diversified deployment of core information)

Introduction effect

  • Timely information sharing of production, sales, purchasing, and inventory
  • Operations that support multiple foreign currencies
  • Linkage with handy terminals to collect data on incoming/outgoing goods
  • Automatic linkage of order placing/taking in purchase and sales operations

Project overview

  • Scope: management of production, sales, purchasing, inventory, accounts receivable/payable, and cost
  • Other system interfaces: Handy terminal, accounting package, process management, BI
  • Number of user licenses: Approximately 40

Solution overview



Shinko Electronics Co., Ltd.


Company Name: Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 2 -29 -30 Minami Kamonomiya, Odawara City, Kanagawa
Business: Shinko Electronics Co., Ltd. is a company with a track record as a leading company in the optical semiconductor industry for more than 40 years, focusing on the development, manufacture and sale of optical sensors and FA sensors. In recent years, the company has been actively selling precision motors manufactured by FAULHABER GmbH, a domestic distributor of Nichia's LED products.。