Siam Yachiyo Co., Ltd.

Implemented Microsoft Dynamics ® AX at overseas locations

Siam Yachiyo Co., Ltd.

In order to efficiently deploy Microsoft Dynamics ® AX, HOYA Digital Solutions has extended the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ® AX by providing a variety of templates, including the “production management template for discrete manufacturing ” which are used by manufacturing customers. Yachiyo Industry (Siam Yachiyo Co., Ltd. in Thailand), a Honda-affiliated automotive parts manufacturer, has selected Microsoft Dynamics ® AX as its ERP system for production sites in Thailand. We supported the implementation of the system, and the system has successfully started operation.

The company decided to use Microsoft Dynamics® AX as the standard package for its overseas production sites. Upon implementing the system to each site, the company reformed and standardized its business process, and proceeded with the project under the policy of developing Dynamics® AX templates aligned with it.

Siam Yachiyo Co., Ltd. evaluated and selected HOYA Digital Solutions for its technical capabilities from the following perspectives.

  • Have track records, especially in the discrete manufacturing industry, of building and applying templates for production management, whose complexity is hard to be addressed by using only standard ERP functions.
  • Have track records of system building and operation globally.

Based on the experience gained from this project, HOYA Digital Solutions plans to expand sales of the Microsoft Dynamics ® AX implementation service for automotive parts manufacturers, whose overseas production bases are expanding mainly in emerging countries.

Overview of the project to implement Microsoft Dynamics® AX in Thailand

The overview of the implementation project is as follows:

  • Purpose
    To streamline and rebuild the core business system linked with accounting, on the occasion to review the accounting system in accordance with IFRS.
  • Scope
    Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Production, Accounting
  • Business process
    Applied the standardized business process based on the operational reform underway at the company.
    Leveraged the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics® AX in accordance with the standard business processes. Add-on development was used to fill the gap.
  • Function development
    Functions specific to auto parts manufacturers have been added to the standard operational functions, such as preparing shipment instruction data based on delivery instructions from automobile manufacturers.

HOYA Digital Solutions' roles in this project

HOYA Digital Solutions has taken the following measures to achieve higher efficiency in implementing the system to other sites in the future.

  • Standardization of operations and localization
    Promote standardization as much as possible in Thailand.
    In parallel, ensure thorough localization for operational functions such as accounting.
  • Cost-effective project execution
    Adopt a cost-saving and effective method to run the project - defining requirements locally, designing and developing in Japan, and testing locally.