Yachiyo Wuhan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (YWM)

Implemented Dynamics ® AX at overseas production site

―Rebuilt the core system with Dynamics AX to strengthen performance management and improve operational efficiency―

Background and aims of introduction

Improvements were required to meet business needs such as improving quality through lot management, strengthening performance management to prevent input errors in receiving, manufacturing, and shipping results, and improving operational efficiency by reducing man-hours in purchasing, production, and inventory operations.


  • Rebuilt the core system with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Reviewed the operations according to the standard work flow and constructed a system to match it.
  • Implemented bar-coding of identification tags, realized real-time data checking and performance data input and collection on receiving, manufacturing, and shipping using handy terminals, and adopted the MRP and lot management functions of Dynamics AX.

< Dynamics AX version > AX 2012 R2
< Scope > Management of sales, purchasing, inventory, and production

Introduction effect

  1. Strengthened performance management and improved operational efficiency by collecting performance data through the use of bar codes and handy terminals
  2. Improved quality control by applying the lot management function of Dynamics AX
  3. Strengthened forecast and actual management and enabled prevention of delays by grasping the progress ofD17 deliveries, manufacturing, and shipments
  4. Improved the ordering efficiency by arranging order data post MRP execution at prescribed intervals of days