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We support the improvement of employee productivity through the establishment of a system to promote the sharing and utilization of information in your company.

The larger the organization, the more complex the flow of information and the more difficult it is to share information at an accelerated rate. Are you confident that the employees around you, and the superiors and subordinates who usually talk with each other, are sharing information enough? In addition, even if companies and organizations are able to manage information in an integrated manner, there are few companies that are fully utilizing information for reference, reuse, and updating.

There may be various reasons for this, such as poor operability, poor accessibility, slow speed, and inability to search, but we support the promotion of information sharing and utilization inside and outside the company.

Support for information sharing site building

Information sharing is more complicated than it seems. It involves various types of information such as documents, drawings, images, voice and videos in a diverse range of file formats. It may also involve multiple languages, and access control has to be in place to allow only the employees with certain authorities can have access. At the same time, many documents require internal approvals before officially presenting to customers such as catalogues, price lists, and specifications during the sales process.

We propose to use Microsoft SharePoint to build an information sharing site which fulfills all such requirements.

  • The operability is unified with Word and Excel which have become the de facto standard for business use, and it can be used smoothly.
  • It works seamlessly with cloud-based Office 365 in particular, allowing users to authenticate once.
  • Access log and audit log are retained.
  • Many companies deploy it and it is stable as a system.
  • Data is stored on Microsoft Azure, the cloud certified by authorities around the world for its security and availability.
  • If you need to incorporate business logic, you can use Microsoft's general purpose development environment, Visual Studio, using .Net covered by a large number of engineers.

We recommend it because you almost do not need to consider other tools, and you can avoid risks entailed in minor tools.


Support for information
sharing site building

It improves productivity with intuitive operations that directly call, reference, and reorganize documents stored in SharePoint from the line-of-business systems you use in your everyday work.

Dynamics 365 Sales Support

  • Link proposals, quotes, specifications, etc., related to your sales activities
  • Link documents related to the customer, basic contract, NDA, etc. to the customer master data

Dynamics 365 Service Management

  • Link repair procedures related to service items and past failure records and give instructions to service personnel

Dynamics 365 Field Service

  • Associate repair related documentation, such as customer maps, locations, visit history and manuals, and images of malfunction

Dynamics 365 ERP

  • Link documents such as order details, terms and conditions in the contract, and specifications to order slips

You can use it in various ways like as shown above. These can be directly attached to transaction data such as order reception slips, but there are advantages such as preventing the slowing down of the core system's operation itself, enabling users without access to CRM to search and browse directly from SharePoint, and enabling the use of inexpensive disks based on the amount of data to be stored.

Providing mobile access

Recent surveys have shown that the ratio of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones in the business environment is growing rapidly. Especially when you consider people who do not spend much time at desk, such as executives, sales, field service, and others engaged in more onsite activities, it is becoming essential to support mobile when designing and building business applications.

In the sales field, we often see customers looking at tablets while talking to customers.

We support the building of mobile input screens, such as workflow for referring to information stored in SharePoint on mobile devices, approval and payment, and business reports.


Incorporating logic

We can also build applications such as SharePoint based master management, document submission and payment, and publishing. We also provide the building of an entire system incorporating third-party solutions.

Workflow features

  • Simple workflows such as application, approval, and decision making
  • Complex workflows, such as conditional branching, multi-step, and subsequent processing

Addition of user screen

  • Complex workflows, such as conditional branching, multi-step, and follow-up processing

Business logic

  • Search based on search keys attached to image and movie parameters
  • Search based on registrant, updater, update date range
  • Send e-mail
  • Change access authority



Providing AI and deep learning search functions

For text information, found in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF, SharePoint's standard search feature can search inside of a document. On the other hand, you need to manually add keywords to make it easier for users to search for images, sounds, videos, and so on. We offer a broad range of additional functions backed by AI and deep learning.

  • Automatically add keywords to images
  • Convert audio data to text for searching
  • Identify the person in a video
  • Extract useful information from an image
  • Categorize data