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Qlik Sense(クリックセンス)導入ソリューション

Qlik Sense is a self-service BI (Business Intelligence) tool that allows anyone to search for information quickly, intuitively, and according to their business needs, from any device, without relying on the IT department.

With Qlik's unique associative and in-memory technologies, even large amounts of data can be analyzed at ultra-high speed without stress.

It is designed to make the most of human intuition, allowing you to freely change your search perspective without being constrained by the routine report analysis. It also enables you to discover many "insights" from the entire data and work efficiently.

Business units can enjoy the flexibility of self-service while the IT department maintains agile governance.



Our "Qlik Sense Implementation Solution" can help you solve the problems of your business and IT departments together, and make the implementation process more efficient.

Features of Qlik SenseFeatures of Qlik Sense

Key features that make Qlik Sense superior to other BI products

1. Intuitive screen operation

It is designed to be easy to understand for business departments to create charts intuitively just by looking at the screen, without relying on the IT department. Multiple data can be combined by drag and drop. Furthermore, there is no need to install any special software on the PC, and the entire process from data preparation, screen creation to analysis can be performed using only a browser.


2. Quick response from data preparation to visualization

With general BI tools, data is extracted and converted from the core system using ETL (Extract Transform Load) tools, stored in a DWH (Data Warehouse), and then moved to a data mart for visualization, making it a costly and time-consuming process.
Qlik Sense is equipped with data preparation capabilities for complex data conversions, which is useful in establishing a new data analysis, for example. Agile development methods can be applied where sample charts are created from actual data, and the requirements are finalized while reviewing the screens with the business department. It can be handled with a single tool without investing much man-hours in the process of visualization.


3. Analysis along the flow of thought using associative technology

One feature not found in other BI products is "Qlik Associative Engine" (Qlik's patented technology), a feature that automatically associates values contained in all items imported from multiple data sources.
Users can search and aggregate data by simply clicking on the screen, without being aware of which items are included in the imported data. Another great feature is the visibility of excluded data. You can examine the cause of low sales while selecting products with high sales.


4. Overwhelmingly fast response

Qlik Sense offers quick response and display even when data volume is large. Its unique in-memory technology keeps retrieved data in an optimized state for searching and aggregation. The data is compactly compressed and stored in the memory of the Qlik Sense server. This means that even if the detailed data is imported directly, it will be aggregated at high speed for you to see the desired, visualized results without stress.

HOYA Digital Solutions × Qlik Sense

ERP × Qlik Sense

You may be facing a situation in which the business data accumulated in the ERP system is analyzed in standardized reports that even if you want to search from a new perspective, it takes time to create individual reports and you cannot grasp the entire data instantly.
With Qlik Sense, data can be retrieved using connectors, allowing everyone to search quickly, intuitively, and according to their needs at the moment, from any device, without relying on the IT department.

IoT × Qlik Sense

There may be cases where the data is not fully utilized due to the lack of visualization as expected, though IoT systems have been introduced and data from various devices have been accumulated in the company.
"We can't handle huge amounts of data", "IoT data alone is insufficient for analysis", and "We have data we want to see but can't easily visualize". With Qlik Sense such problems can be solved.



About License

Product Line

Qlik Sense Enterprise is available in two versions: SaaS and on-premise.

Key differences between SaaS and on-premises

Qlik Sense Enterprise
Qlik Sense Enterprise
SaaS on-premises(Windows Server)
  • Use of SaaS services provided by Qlik Sense Enterprise
  • Suitable for cloud-first strategic companies
  • Available immediately after contracting
  • Internal resource constraints/limitations exist
  • Not suitable for big data
  • Windows server built in-house
  • The original data is stored on-premise
  • Flexible server configuration available
  • Optional products available
  • No restrictions on data volume

Please contact us for detailed features and differences.

License Types

There are three user licenses: "Professional Users", "Analyzer Users", and "Analyzer Capacity".
No server license is required and there is no limit to the number of applications to be used.



Prices vary depending on product type, license type, and number of users. Please contact us to find out more.

Implementation Flow

For your reference - how to proceed with implementation


  Order Contents
Proposal ・For you to understand the functions of the system through a demonstration
Trial ・Verify effectiveness using Qlik Sense Business (one month free version) with business data
・Confirm requirements and prepare quotation
Decision to adopt ・For you to make final decision to adopt the system
Implementation ・Server construction and configuration, data modeling, application building, and production release
Company-wide rollout ・Introduce frequently-used analysis functions to BI promotion staff for test operations while rolling out the system across the organization

Qlik Sense Business Free Trial

Try Qlik Sense Business, the full-featured cloud version, for 30 days.

Qlik Sense Business 30-day free trial application page (only in Japan)

To apply, please visit the website of our partner, Assist Co., Ltd.
Please enter "HOYA Digital Solutions" in the "Referral from other companies" field.

* Please note that we will not be able to respond to technical inquiries about Qlik Sense Business.


Regardless of the industry, such as manufacturing, high-tech, finance, telecommunications, resources, healthcare, retail, distribution, or public sector, you can effectively utilize the vast amount of information assets lying dormant within your organization.
HOYA Digital Solutions provides support through out the process from implementation to post go-live operation, based on our experience with the core systems and information systems of the HOYA Group.

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