Dynamics 365 CRM on Cloud

We offer support for using cloud based services such as cloud CRM.

Both cloud and on-premise types supported

  • There are two options to choose from. The cloud type offers low initial investment and support for maintenance and operation of servers and infrastructure. The traditional on-premise type involves installment, configuration, maintenance and support of servers done by the customer.
  • Customers can initially introduce the cloud type for a short period, and migrate to the on-premise type later when the data volume increases.
  • In general, the on-premise type is likely to bring more cost benefit than the cloud type once the data exceeds certain volume after a certain period of time.
  • With Dynamics 365, you can enjoy the benefits of both cloud type and on-premise type, which is not possible with other products.

CRM operable with Outlook interface

  • In addition to the standard web interface, you can choose to use Dynamics 365 fully integrated into the familiar Outlook interface.
  • Contacts, calendars, activities and tasks are also integrated with Dynamics 365. You can execute operational functions of Dynamics 365 on the Outlook interface.
  • You can also export Dynamics 365 data to Excel, edit and rewrite it in Excell worksheets, and import data from Excel.
  • Similar operability with the familiar Microsoft Office products makes it easy to learn and quick to implement.
CRM operable with Outlook interface

Customization without coding

  • Standard customization can be done only with screen layouts and business logic definitions, and does not involve programming.
  • When further customization is needed, it can be done with general Java script and .NET at low cost, while minimizing the risk of dependency on a specific vendor.
  • Standard data items are pre-registered as entities in units of sales projects, customers, etc., and can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping them onto the form for sharing. In addition, it is also possible to create a completely new entity. This feature also makes it easy to build functions that are completely unrelated to standard business functions, such as university student management for recruitment purpose.

Create your own dashboard

  • You can freely create multiple dashboards with graphs of KPIs to be monitored according to your role and responsibility, such as one for management and one for sales representatives.
  • For visualization, there are a number of standard reports available, but you can also use PowerBI for more enhanced visuals and expressions. PowerBI is included in the Dynamics 365 license as an integrated solution.

SharePoint Solutions

The larger the organization, the more complex the flow of information becomes, and it is often the case that information sharing becomes slower and more difficult. Can you say that there is enough information sharing with colleagues you often communicate with and between managers and subordinates? There may be companies and organizations that are equipped with centralized information management, only a few are fully utilizing information through reference, reuse, and updating. The reasons behind it could vary, such as poor operability, access, latency and searchability.

We provide support to promote the sharing and utilization of both internal and external information by closely linking the process management function of Dynamics CRM, which we have good track record of, with the document management function of SharePoint.

【Use cases】

・Linking and managing the progress in the change request process and associated documents created during the task/phase

・Tracking the progress of each design phase and managing the associated design documents created in each phase

・Long-term management of manufacturing processes and management of documents linked with it such as production results and inspection results