We support the utilization of Dynamics 365 CRM

We will support you on cloud service utilization mainly in cloud type CRM.

Supports both cloud type and on-premise type

  • It is possible to choose between cloud type which can keep initial investment low, while providing support which includes server and infrastructure maintenance and operation, and on-premise type which installs server, constructs, maintains, and operates on location at customer company as usual.
  • Initially, it is a cloud type is recommended for short term introduction, while it is also possible to switch to on-premise type when the volume of data increase warrants it.
  • Generally, when the amount of data increases after a certain period for a certain period of time, the cost-benefit is more likely to warrant an on-premise installation type.
  • With Dynamics 365, it is possible to enjoy the merits of both cloud type and in-house installed type that are impossible with other companies' products.

Operate CRM on the Outlook interface

  • In addition to the standard web interface, you can use Dynamics 365 fully integrated with the interface of the user familiar with Outlook.
  • Contacts, calendars, activity tasks, etc. are also integrated with Dynamics 365 and it is possible to execute business functions of Dynamics 365 in the Outlook interface.
  • In addition, it is possible to extract data of Dynamics 365 to Excel, edit / rewrite it with Excel worksheet, and import data from Excel.
  • It is easy to learn with operations similar to familiar Microsoft Office products and it will be possible for short term introduction.

Customizable without programming

  • Standard customization can be done only with screen layout and business logic definition without programming.
  • Even when further customization is required, general Java script, and .NET based customization can be constructed inexpensively with minimum risk of excess dependency on a specific vendor.
  • Since standard data items are registered as date entities such as business projects, customers, etc., it is possible to change and share data across screens simply by simply dragging and dropping it. It is also possible to create a totally new entity, as well. With this function, it is also easy to build new functions that are not related to standard business functions such as management of university students for recruitment purposes.

Dashboard can be freely created

  • It is possible to freely create multiple dashboards that graphically represent KPI indicators that should always be checked according to job title and role, such as for management purposes and for sales representatives.
  • Regarding visualization, many standard reports are prepared, but it is also possible to use PowerBI which sticks to visuals and expressions even more. PowerBI is included in the Dynamics 365 license as an integrated solution.