SAFEMO Safety Monitoring System

Remote work support solution
Health and safety management, fall detection and heat stroke prevention

We provide the SAFEMO safety monitoring cloud service using our proprietary IoT platform. While our competitors offer mainly hardware solutions, we offer a comprehensive service that includes all the necessary functions, and a large number of customers have chosen our cloud-based safety monitoring service.

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Remotely check the status of the workplace

You can check if the workers are working safely from anywhere with Internet access.



No smartphone needed

Communication gateway for the access point is installed at the work site.

All you need to do to start using the system is to distribute smartwatches to the workers.



Devices and communication types of your choice

We recommend the optimal device for your work environment and your needs.

Our services offers device-independent flexibility and high extensibility.



Warning messages sent to the workers

The workers can check the contents of a warning message on the smartwatch screen.

An identification message is also displayed to prevent false detections.



Bluetooth smartwatch app development

We can also develop dedicated smartwatch apps to suit your work environment and business needs.


Wearable Device Lineup

Bluetooth smartwatch

●Bluetooth communication (Communication distance 60 m to 80 m)
●Optical pulse wave sensor (pulse rate measurement)
●Accelerometer (Fall detection, steps taken, calories burned)
●SOS features
●GPS equipped
●Waterproof 5 ATM (Waterproof performance at a depth of 50 m)
●Operating temperature -20 ° ~ 55 °
●Size 46.9 mm x 52.2 mm x 12.9 mm
●Weight 45 g


Bluetooth tag (MEDiTAG)

●Bluetooth communication (Communication distance 10 m to 30 m)
●Optical pulse wave sensor (Pulse rate measurement and stress quantification)
●Accelerometer (Activity, steps, and calories burned)
●No SOS function
●Life waterproofing
●Operating temperature -10 ° ~ 60 °
●Size 38 mm x 25 mm x 9 mm
●Weight 10 g


4G Smartwatch (AAASWatch)

●4G communication (available in mobile communication areas)
●Heart rate (* estimated value)
●Body temperature (* estimated value)
●Blood pressure (* estimated value)
●Blood oxygen concentration (* estimated value)
●Acceleration, ambient temperature
●SOS call button
●Waterproof and Dustproof (IP 67)
●Size 50 mm x 42.5 mm x 15 mm
●Weight 53.5 g

Product of i-focus Co.,Ltd.

AAASWatch (1)

Heat Protection Watch Canary (TM)

Wristband dedicated to heat stroke prevention

No communication function, can be used up for 3 months to prevent heat stroke

●* There is no communication function.
●Battery powered (Usable for approx. 3 months)
●Prophylaxis of heat stroke with unique algorithms for core temperature estimation
●Waterproof and Dustproof (IP 67 Equivalent) * Does not break even in rain, sweat or dust.
●Operating Temperature 0 ° ~ 60 °
●Size 27 mm x 43 mm x 13 mm
●Weight 20 g
[Latest models in 2021] * Order now being accepted

【2021 latest model】* Orders are being accepted


What SAFEMO can do

アセット 1

Health Management

Compares pulse rata data the set thresholds
Detects unusual changes in physical condition

アセット 3-1

Safety Management

Detects accidents at work sites such as falls, stagnation, etc.
by analyzing accelerometer data

アセット 4

Heat stroke prevention

Detects high risk conditions by analyzing

pulse rate and WBGT data

アセット 5

Location monitoring

Visualizes the location of workers by using GPS for outside and beacons for indoors.

Detects the location of workers in the event of an accident and the work environment

where heat stroke countermeasures are needed.


Overview of SAFEMO

You can check the status of the workplace in real time from a remote environment.

Automatically monitors thresholds for each worker and sends alerts when abnormalities are detected.



Devices linked with SAFEMO

Bluetooth communication access point (Fixed installation gateway)

Communication distance of 80 m. Can pass through 1 or 2 walls

Bluetooth has a short communication distance, which requires a large number of gateways to be installed. One of the key features of SAFEMO is its easiness to deploy by drastically reducing the number of gateways.


WBGT value-measuring device with black sphere (Device for heat stroke prevention)

IoT visualization of heat index & alarms for danger
Batteryless and wireless for easy installation
(Fujikura: Energy Harvest (EH) type)
Measurement of WBGT is essential when implementing IoT solutions for heat stroke prevention.
In addition to wearable devices such as smartwatches, SAFEMO uses accurate measurements of WBGT in the work environment to warn people of the risk of heat stroke.

Please try it first.

Free of charge, complete set of devices and a system is available for one week rental.


Rental for two weeks or longer for a fee is also available.

We will provide a PoC estimate based on your desired composition.





SAFEMO is available for monthly subscription.

The minimum contract period is one year.

(※ If you wish to use it only during the heat stroke season, we will prepare quotations based on the number of devices needed.)


【cost of implementation】

①initial introduction fee

②device cost

③SAFEMO usage fee
(* Charged for the number of devices)


Please contact us for more details.