Telephony Solutions (Autocall/IVR/SMS)

We help our customers solve problems and create benefits through our reminder service consisting of autocall, IVR and SMS.

What is Reminder Service?

To meet all your needs, our reminder service offers three solutions.
Please feel free to contact us to find out which solution is suitable to address your needs.
We will prepare a consultation-based, optimal proposal for you.

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Autocall (Outbound)

This is an automated telephone guidance service that brings results at an overwhelming speed without the need for human involvement.

  • No operator needed to make a call
  • No narrator needed for recording
  • Easy to keep track of the status of your calls

Plus, it's multilingual.


What is Text-to-Speech (speech synthesis)

HOYA's text-to-speech software"ReadSpeaker" provides high quality and natural sounding voice that is as close to human as possible. Text data is converted into voice data within the system that there is no need to prepare a human narrator for recording. It supports not only Japanese but other languages as well.

You can quickly create messages at low cost and deliver to your customers in a timely manner.

ReaderSpeaker(Japanese)MISAKI Sample 1

ReaderSpeaker(Japanese)MISAKI Sample 2

ReaderSpeaker(English)JULIE Sample 1

ReaderSpeaker(English)JULIE Sample 2

Automatic Phone Answering Service

By automating the primary reception of incoming calls, which vary in number depending on the day of the week and time of day, you can reduce the number of waiting and abandoned calls, prevent complaints and improve your service quality.

  • No operator needed for phone reception
  • 24/7 operation to reduce opportunity loss
  • Can be linked to reservation systems, etc.

Plus, it's multilingual.


SMS Bulk Sending Service

This is a service that allows you to send text messages to smartphones using phone numbers as the destination.
It features a high reach rate of over 90%.

  • Simultaneous batch sending to a list of destinations
  • Support all carriers
  • Caller ID notification available (5-digit fixed number for Softbank lines)
  • Arbitrary text unique to each recipient can be inserted

Plus, it's multilingual.


Service models: Outbound/SMS

Service usage plan

Service usage plan

Our staff assist your outbound communication operations in this plan.
After confirming the details of your request, we will send a message to the destination phone numbers.
Outgoing communication will be made in the method you specify. (auto-call/SMS)
The results will be reported in CSV data for each phone number.

Please contact us for more information about the time required to start using the service and the fees.

Cloud plan

Cloud plan

Your office will be connected to our servers via IPsec VPN.
Your staff can operate the system from the web screen.
Outgoing communication using the area code of your location is available without setting up a server in the office (*patent obtained)
Please contact us for details on the configuration of the system. It varies depending on your environment.

Service models: Inbound (IVR)

Auto reception only plan

Auto reception only plan

IVR automatically receives calls 24/7.
Each received call will be reported to the designated email address.
Response results will be reported as CSV raw data for each incoming call.
Please contact us for more information about the time required to start using the service and the fees.


System linkage plan

This is a customizable form of use which includes linkage of your systems to our IVR data.
Suitable specifications for you will be proposed based on consultation.
Please contact us for further details.

Effects: Comments from the staff of the government agencies where the system was introduced

We can conduct the initial delinquency management without increasing the workload of the staff.

We schedule automatic notification calls for evenings and weekends when it is easier for people to pick up the phone. IVR answers returned calls that the initial delinquency handling can be done without increasing the workload.


The initial action is done without interpersonal contact that we no longer need to feel the stress of feeling intimidated by the call recipients. We do not receive any complaint either.


Our communication has become more thorough by using autocall and SMS in conjunction with notifications in writing. It led to payment and decrease in the number of reminder letters.


The function to schedule calls is very convenient. Flexible talk scenario is very helpful as well.


It is great that we can output reports and visualize the results of phone calls, IVR, and SMS transmissions. The analysis the service plan offers helps us improve the rate of people go under medical examinations.


The text-to-speech solution saves cost compared to human callers. Its pick up rate is comparable to that of human callers, and I do not find any disadvantage in it.

Track Record

  • Administrative organizations (tax-related): 59 departments in 49 organizations
  • Health insurance related (special health checkup and cancer screening): 46 insurers
  • Information centers and other public offices 9 departments in 7 organizasions
    ※* cumulative total from April 2013 to date
The reminder service is patented.

Patent information
[Patent No.] 6142055 (P6142055)
[Title of invention] Autocall system and its method