From "HOYA Service" to "HOYA Digital Solutions"

 2018.10.01  HOYAデジタルソリューションズ株式会社

HOYA Service Corporation (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Seevali Fernando, hereinafter "the Corporation") changed its trade name to "HOYA Digital Solutions Corporation" as of October 1, 2018.

The Corporation has decided to change its name in order to reinforce its consolidation of resources to its main IT business, and to clarify its mission and vision. We will continue to focus on support of core business systems (ERP) for global companies, in such sectors as manufacturing, retailing, etc.

In addition to ERP, the Corporation will also focus, more than ever, on digital innovation rooted in daily life, as well as digital transformation of companies making use of the latest technologies in AI, IoT, robotics, cloud, etc. and continue to meet the needs of our client's on-site activities. By utilizing our extensive experience in digital solutions provided to HOYA Group, we are committed to create innovation through the integration of Health Care and Life Care with IT technology realized by our enhanced effort.

The Corporation has provided broad based services in development and operation of various information systems, ERP (integrated package) business, voice solution business, cloud service business, call center business, etc., under its “HOYA Service” brand. However, we believe that this name change to "HOYA Digital Solutions" will renew our superior solutions offered to our clients.

From October, with the establishment of our overseas base in Bangkok, Thailand, the Corporation will actively expand overseas. We will strengthen our support in digital and IT fields to flexibly meet the needs of the rapidly growing Asian market and the expansion of business by Japanese companies.

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