HOYA Service to form business alliance with Sonata aiming for innovation in system development by enhancing Solution Delivery capability

 2018.08.21  HOYAデジタルソリューションズ株式会社

Tokyo, August 21, 2018 – HOYA Service Corporation, a Tokyo-based system developer and provider of enterprise solutions, has reached a basic agreement to enter into business alliance with Sonata Software Limited, a global strategic IT solutions firm headquartered in Bangalore, India to aim for enhancement of mutual capabilities in the area of ERP and Microsoft Dynamics solutions delivery, and making use of mutual resources in technology and system development capability.


This business alliance leverages the personnel and technical capabilities of both HOYA Service and Sonata to strengthen Microsoft Dynamics 365 and ERP Solutions delivery to domestic Japanese companies and their overseas operations. Sonata’s development/implementation expertise of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its global footprint complements HOYA Service’s strategy to expand delivery of ERP solutions to Japan-based manufacturing businesses. The parties will cooperate jointly on projects to implement, operate and maintain global systems for HOYA Service’s clients.


“This partnership translates a focused action by HOYA Service to enhance and expand its current high quality capability to be delivered in a cost competitive way globally to its Japanese client community. Sonata is a proven partner who adds depth of expertise and experience, to deliver solutions with speed and scale to this end,” Seevali Fernando, President & CEO of HOYA Service commented.


Managing Director & CEO of Sonata, Srikar Reddy, said,“HOYA Service’s reputation, presence and services capability in the Japanese market, combined with Sonata’s global presence, depth and breadth of capabilities in IP and services in the Distribution, CPG and Retail industries with platform solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack will create a very unique and differentiated value proposition to customers in Japan who also want to expand globally. It also increases our commitment that we have for success of HOYA Service Corporation as a partner.”



About HOYA Service Corporation

HOYA Service is an independent system developer started as an information system department of HOYA Corporation. HOYA Service is involved in system development and introduction to a large number of domestic and overseas enterprises, with particular strengths in ERP solutions to the manufacturing industry centered on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Official website: http://www.hoyasv-it.com


About HOYA

Founded in 1941 in Tokyo, Japan, Hoya is a global technology and med-tech company, and a leading supplier of innovative high-tech and medical products. Hoya is active in the fields of healthcare and information technology, providing eyeglasses, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, optical lenses, as well as key components for semiconductor devices, LCD panels and HDDs. With over 150 offices and subsidiaries worldwide, Hoya currently employs a multinational workforce of 37,000 people.

Corporate website: http://www.hoya.com.


About Sonata Software Limited

Sonata is a global technology company that enables platform based digital transformation initiatives for enterprises, creating open, connected, intelligent and scalable businesses. Sonata’s new Platformation™ methodology brings together industry expertise, platform technology excellence, design thinking led innovation and strategic engagement models to deliver sustained long-term value to customers in the Retail, Distribution, Travel and Software industries, globally. Sonata is a long standing multiple times award winning partner of Microsoft and has particular solution development and delivery strengths in multiple release versions of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, as well as industry specific digital platform IP on Microsoft Appsource. Official website: http://www.sonata-software.com/



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