Innovate in the manufacturing industry with the latest AI technology


Increase productivity with advanced AI models,
implementation has also become faster and easier.

We support the promotion of DX technology in a wide range of areas, including use in production lines, anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.


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Our Strengths



First-hand experience and viewpoint as a user

Dedicated to work

Fully Engaged

Expertise and insight as part of a global manufacturer



Extensive track record, know-how backed by abundant experience

Cost benefit

Cost benefit

Service delivery tailored to your needs


Providing IT solutions mainly to customers in the manufacturing industry

HOYA Digital Solutions provides many customers with IT solutions based on its know-how and experience in core systems and information systems at HOYA Corporation.

Provide IT solutions focused on manufacturing customers

Know-how for the medical device manufacturing industry

HOYA Corporation manufactures healthcare products such as eyeglass lenses as well as medical devices such as endoscopes and laparoscopic surgical instruments. We can meet the unique requirements in the design, manufacturing, and marketing processes for medical devices.

Know-how for medical equipment manufacturing industry